Stamina Air Rower

Are you looking for a low-cost rowing machine? Then, Stamina air rower is one of the best matches to your budget. This is a durable and strong rower with some good features. This is a quality rower to provide you good workout time to improve your health condition. You will get decent workout opportunities with comfort in the rower.

Stamina Air Rower

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It comes with wind-resistance technology in order to provide you good workout opportunity. It provides you easy to adjust resistance level depending on your rowing speed. If you row harder, you will get more resistance. You can lower your speed in order to reduce the resistance level.

It provides you a multi-function performance monitor to tracking your workout performance. You will get time, distance and calories burn information on the display. However, the display is a bit smaller than other rowers in the market. Moreover, it does not provide you much information.

If you want comfortable rowing machine, this is a good match for you too! It comes with a padded extra-large seat for your smooth riding. Moreover, it will give you an upholstered seat for getting more support for rowing. The large footplate designs welcome rowing to any size of users. It does not limit to any particular height of people.

For saving space on home, it comes with a foldable design. So, this is easy to fold and storage to anywhere. Moreover, you will get transport wheels in order to move it any corner of the house. Are you afraid of damaging the floor? Don’t worry because the rower offers floor protectors to avoid any type of skidding.

Pros of Stamina Air Rower Cons of Stamina Air Rower
  • This is a strong and durable rower comparing to other cheap priced rowers in the market under $100
  • The resistance level is easy to adjust and smooth to do workout
  • It offers manual resistance adjustable system to increase or decrease the resistance depending on your rowing speed
  • The design of the rower is comfortable for rowing for a long time because of extra-large seat
  • It also offers an upholstery seat for extra support and comfort
  • The large foot plates will give you to continue rowing without any risk of rising joint pain
  • It does not take much space when it is not in use because of foldable design
  • It can hold up to 250 lbs weight that is quite good
  • It offers 3-year warranty on frame
  • The electronic display is small comparing with other rowers at same price
  • There is no pulse monitor on the rower
  • There is no workout program for the user
  • There is no way to connect any third party app with the rower
  • The rower is a bit noisy


The rower is a top quality fitness equipment at an affordable price range. Although there are many lacking because of low-price, you will get many workout opportunities. So, this is a good choice if you have a low budget. The features and design of the rower are really impressive. This is also a good wind resistance rower with a durable design. So, you can pick the rowing machine in order to improve your rowing skill.

Check Best Price of Stamina Air Rower on Amazon


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