Best Rower Buying Guide in 2017

Today, I will give you a complete rower machine buying guide. My buying guide will show you how to choose a right mowing machine for a workout. As an experienced gym trainer, I can give you the best ideas, knowledge, what to prefer and what to avoid when choosing a rower machine.

The rowing machine is a great fitness equipment. This is a full-body workout equipment. By doing exercise only 30 minutes per day can boost your strength of the entire body. In addition, the workout can improve the cardiovascular system.

If you have made mind to buy a rower machine, this article is for you! I will show you the right way to choose the best rowing machine. Moreover, I will give you the circumstances and different rowers to choose to depend on the circumstances.

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Now you can note the answer to the following question. I have set some questions with particular answer. Also, I have a brief for the particular answer too.

Before selecting any side, understand the point too. This will help you to find the best model for you!

Do you have enough space for a rowing machine?

First of all, you need to select the place where you are going to keep the rower. This is the first and foremost duty for you. Many people forget to measure the space and start analyzing the rowers. What if you don’t have enough space for the rower? The invested time will be wasted.

So, this is your first duty to select the area and measure it. Then, you can start searching for a suitable rower machine. You can filter the rower machines easily depending on your space size.

If you do not have enough space, you can consider a hydraulic piston machine. They do not need much space and provide good resistance level.

How much money do you like to invest?

There are thousands of the rowing machines available in the market. You can get a rowing machine from $100 to more than $4000. So, you need to figure out how much you like to invest.

When you determine a budget line, it helps to pick a good rowing machine. In means, you do not need to look at the expensive rowers than your budget. Moreover, it will prevent from investing more than your capacity.

Keep in mind expensive rowers offer to qualify features with advanced technology. That does not mean cheap models can’t give you good workout time. You need to set a budget depending on your requirement, expectation and goal.

Don’t you know how much should you invest? Then, you can get an idea from the following price category. Depending on the features, performance, quality, and technology, I have categories them into three sections:

  • Less than $400: Low-End Rowers
  • From $400 to $1100: Mid-range Rowers
  • More than $1100: High-end Rowers

Note: Low and mid-range rower machines are suitable for personal use. They can provide you good quality features and performances. However, there are many differences among the models. So, you need to compare the features for choosing the right rower machine.

Expensive and high-end rowers are the best for commercial use. You can also prefer them for home if you have enough money.

best rowers

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What is the purpose of using the rower?

Your selection should depend on the purpose of using the rower machine. There are many purposes of buying a rower machine.

  • Residential or Commercial Use: There are many differences between an indoor home rower and commercial rower machine. You can use a commercial rower at home but can’t use an indoor rower in the gym. So, you need to determine the purpose of using the rower machine. The commercially used rowers are expensive, heavy-duty and offer many advanced features. You need to choose a commercial-grade rower machine if you want to buy it for a gym.
  • Off-season Rower Training: If you row on the water, you will need to choose the same condition rower. You will need an exact match rowing motion with adjustable resistance. Otherwise, you may not get a good result from rowing experience. You can prefer either air or water resistance rowing machine for your off-season training. Water resistance models can give you a better off-season training experience
  • Single Person Use or Multi-Person: If you will use the rower machine along, you can pick any model. But, you need to think a bit when you are not the only person to use the machine. You need to choose a rower with adjustable resistance level. Otherwise, other members cannot be able to use the rower machine. Adjustable resistance will help multiple people to adjust and do exercise.

Again, you also need to consider the maximum weight limit and height capacity. You need to know the maximum height and weight of the person who is going to use the rower machine.

What type of Rower Resistance do you want?

There are four resistance types in the rower machine. You need to understand the basic difference, advantages and disadvantages of each type to select.

Don’t worry because I will give you a brief information about the types of resistances. So, you can get an overall idea for better selection.

Air Resistance

This is one of the most common types of rower machine in the gym. The resistance level depends on the user’s rowing intensity. So, you need to increase your rowing intensity in order to increase the resistance level.

Hydraulic Piston Resistance

Do you want to buy a compact rower for home? Then, this is the best type of resistance for you. This is a compact and easy to storage rower for home. The hydraulic pistons are used in order to create the resistance level in the machine. They are affordable and easy to adjust the resistance level.

Magnetic Resistance

If you want smooth rowing motion with quiet work, this is the right type of you. It uses the magnetic braking system in order to create the resistance. But, you will not get enough resistance like you can get from other resistances.

The rower machines will provide you durable service. Moreover, they do not need much maintenance.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5
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Water Resistance

Water resistance rower machine will provide you the realistic experience of rowing. The sound, quality, and motion will give you a real feeling. The resistance level depends on your rowing intensity.

The rower machine will create noise due to the mechanism. So, this is a good resistance for using outdoor. They are the most expensive rowers because of providing realistic feeling.

Some additional Things to Consider when choosing a rower

There are some additional things you should consider. They are not major part but important for you. Therefore, I am going to give you hint about the points too.

  • Foldable or non-fold storage system
  • Rowing machine monitors information capacity
  • Weight limit
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty period

Which Rower should I buy?

I prepared for you comparison of the best rowers on market. Check my ranking of top 5 rowers here. It should help you make proper choice!


Now you have a complete rower buying guide for 2016. So, you can use my guide to buying the best rower machine. You can make a short list of the answers to my question. Then, consider the suitable rower machine on the answers. Moreover, you should also consider the additional tips if you want. They are not important but can make a smart selection too.





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