Best Exercise Bike Buying guideline in 2017

Exercise bike is one of the most popular gym equipment to remain fit and lose extra weight. This is an alternative to heavy exercise equipment to do exercises. Are you serious about a workout? Then, an exercise bike can give you an opportunity to do hassle free workout at home.

If you have made mind to buy a good quality exercise bike, you need to research the market properly. You can watch newspaper, TV or internet for finding the best model. However, this is hard for a person to choose a good quality exercise bike. Also, there are many types and models that can make you confused.


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When I was buying an exercise bike, I started researching about the types, quality, performance, features and much more. Then, I thought, I should come with a buying guideline for the new people too. I don’t want anyone to suffer like me. I invested time, researched many exercise bikes and brands to find the best. If you are seriously want to buy an exercise bike for losing extra pounds, you can follow my considerations too!

How advanced exercise bike you need?

Before buying an exercise bike, you need to determine the purpose, features, and advancements. There are many exercise bikes that offer good quality features with advanced technology.

Again, you can find normal exercise bikes. An exercise bike with normal features is affordable and perfect for beginners. So, you need to make a list of the expectations from the bike.

Do you prefer listening music when exercising? There are some bikes offering MP3 and built-in speakers. Advanced design exercise bikes work silently to offer peaceful exercise time.

So, you need to make a list of expectations from the exercise bike. This will help to choose the best exercise bike for your workout time.

How to choose the best exercise bike in 2016?

When researching for my exercise bike, I have considered many factors. The factors helped me to find out the best model. So, I also want you to suggest the factors. So, you can also consider my factors to find your exercise bike.

  • Frame Material
  • Display
  • Programming
  • Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Resistance
  • Safety
  • Noise
  • Stability & Mobility
  • Ergonomic & Padded Handle
  • Adjustable & Comfortable Seat
  • Weight Limit
  • Warranty

Frame Material

You will surely look for a durable exercise bike. So, you need to choose an exercise bike made with heavy duty steel frame. Of course, you can also an aluminum frame for lightweight consideration. Both of the material are perfect for providing durable service.


The display is one of the most important parts of an exercise bike. The display will show various tracking information. You can watch distance, time, process of goal, resistance level, heart rate, calories burn and other information.

The display should be easy to use for any person. LCD display is common on the exercise bikes. You can also get LED display on some models. Depending on the budget, you can prefer LED display.


Programming is another important feature of an exercise bike. Some models come with preset programs for scheduling workout routine. You can see the program and set for a customized goal.

Make sure the exercise bike offers customizable programs too. If you can customize the program, you can set a personal goal. In addition, this will give you watching the goal progress every day.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitor can give you the method of measuring the heart rate. Cheap models do not offer a heart rate monitor. In this case, you need to buy additional heart rate monitor for the exercise bike. Depending on the quality and performance, it can cost extra $20 to $100.

This is a good idea to select a model with heart rate monitor. In order to measure the heart rate, it offers a chest strap. It offers an easy to use a method. The chest straps do not hinder your movement during the workout. So, this is easy to use for any person.


The resistance level should be easy to use on an exercise bike. The resistance level allows you to do challenging workout modes. So, this will give you a good result after completing the workout.

You will find either manual or electric resistance control. You should choose an electrically adjustable resistance control system. You can change the resistance level to do challenging workout time.

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Safety design is important for the exercise bikes. There are many moving parts on an exercise bike. The moving parts should be locked properly. Otherwise, it will increase the risk of injury. Moreover, the children can touch the moving parts and get hurt.

So, the design should cover the moving parts. You can choose a model with covered chain. It will help to reduce the risk of injury.


Noise will disturb you when you are doing exercise. If you are habituated watching TV or listening music, noise will disturb you. Moreover, noise will disturb the people who are living with you.

A noise-free model can give you an ultimate solution. You can check the exercise bike before buying. Some models also offer 100% noise free guarantee workout time.


Stability & Mobility

You should try the exercise bike before you buy it. Stability is very important when doing exercise. Otherwise, it will reduce your confidence level. Also, it can cause injury too.

Mobility feature is not for all. If you want to move the bike after exercise, mobility feature is important for you. There are some models that offer wheels for easy mobility. So, you can pick those exercise bikes for your home. However, you need to select the bike with wheel lock system.

Ergonomic & Padded Handle

Many of people do not think about the design of the handle at all. Believe me, this is what you need to consider too.

Don’t you want to feel comfortable when doing exercise? You need to grab handle throughout the cycling time. So, a padded and ergonomic friendly design can help you a lot. In fact, this will give you comfortable workout time.

Adjustable & Comfortable Seat

You will ride the exercise bike sitting on the seat. So, this needs to be comfortable for a reasonable time.

Adjustable seat design is recommended because of variations of height. You can adjust the height for comfortable and flexible riding experience.

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Weight Limit

Don’t forget the weight limit of the exercise bike. Your body weight should be perfect for the bike. Otherwise, you can’t get durable service.

According to my experience, you should prefer buying an exercise bike more than 20 lbs extra weight limit. This will keep the bike risk free.


Warranty is a good issue to consider. Depending on the brands, you can expect 1 to 5 years limited warranty. Long time warranty is preferred to get long time service.

Which Exercise Bike should I buy?

I prepared for you comparison of the best exercise bike on market. Check my ranking of top 5 exercise bike here. It should help you make proper choice!


I have highlighted the factors that you should consider for choosing the best exercise bike in 2016. The factors helped me to find a good model. Hopefully, they will also help you to choose a good exercise bike for home.

In this case, you need to determine how much you want to invest for the exercise bike. Do you have any confusion? Don’t forget to keep in touch with a comment! I will surely help you out in case any question!



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