Best Elliptical Buying Guide In 2017

Do you want to buy the best elliptical machine for your workout time? Then, you are in the right place. As an experienced gym trainer, I can give you a complete buying guide. My buying guide will assist you to choose the best elliptical in the market.

Many people do not prefer elliptical machine for exercise. Treadmills are the best choice, according to many physical trainers. However, elliptical can give you relief from body pain and keep you fit.

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A good elliptical machine is a good workout equipment for bad knees. Moreover, they can provide you a good workout for healing your lower-body injury. Because of high performance, design and quality, it will give you intensive workout time. It offers moving handgrips with adjustable resistance level. So, you can have a full body workout using the elliptical machine.

How to choose the best elliptical machine?

In order to select the right elliptical machine for a workout, you need to consider many factors. This would be hard to point out the consideration factors. As an experienced gym instructor, I will give you some important factors to consider. You can consider the factors to choose a right model for you.

Determine the right configuration Elliptical machine

There are three configurations available in the market. You need to determine the type of configuration you want. Then, you can follow-up for other considerations.

  • Front-Drive Elliptical: This type of elliptical comes with front drive wheel design. Basically, they provide good quality support. The pedals are used in order to provide you support. However, they create noise and vibrate depending on your usage. So, you need to think before you go with the design.
  • Center-Drive Elliptical: The drive wheel is located at the center. They are compact in design and provide good quality service. If you don’t have large space, the configuration is perfect for you. However, it will need more space than you may think first. The pedal arms will extend when you will do the workout. As a result, you need to keep free space for the extended design. They will provide you smooth workout time with less vibration and sound.
  • Rear-Drive Elliptical: If you want small housing design, then, this is your type elliptical. It comes with a rear drive wheel design for compact design. The design of the pedal can be different from model to model. It can come with a track-and-roller setup or long pedal arms. You can get incline design for the track and roller design. For getting a smooth and noise-free ride, you can get suspended pedals design. Although the housing is small, they come with longer design

After you select the configuration, you can consider the following aspects:

Try Before You Make Decision to Buy

Using the elliptical machine before buying it is a good idea. You can prefer to buy from online or any exercise equipment store. But, trying the elliptical will give you a complete idea about the machine.

You can’t understand the ergonomic-friendly design and quality. Reading the customer reviews will not give you a complete idea about the elliptical. So, you should try using the elliptical in nearby gym or store.

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Size & Available Space at Home

The size of the elliptical machine is important to consider. You can find different sizes on the market. You will get around 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide designs. The length varies depending on the models. The length can be from 50 inches to 84 inches.

When selecting the elliptical, you need to measure the available space too. Select a place where you are going to keep the elliptical. Moreover, you need to measure the available space properly.

Note: You should keep at least 20 inches of free space on one side. This will give you extra safety when using the elliptical. This is because of the movement of the pedals.

Ergonomic-friendly Design

An elliptical machine can prevent your body from flexible movement. So, you need to feel comfortable and flexible when exercising. You need to hold the movable handles when maintaining an upright posture.

Your wrist should not trouble when reaching or holding the handles. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable doing the exercise. The frame is fixed design with movable components. Your body parts should not interfere each other when doing exercise.

Exercise Intensity

Exercise intensity is an important feature of the elliptical machines. Depending on the model and features, you will get variations in resistance level.

You will get low to high resistance level on an elliptical machine. So, you can increase or decrease the resistance level for exercise. The adjustment system should be easy to use.

Some of the elliptical machines also offer adjustable incline design. This is a good addition for doing exercise. Make sure you are choosing an automated adjustable incline design. This will make easier than manual effort.

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Programs can make your exercise challenging and exciting. You may become bored because of the same workout daily. Elliptical machines offer some pre-set programs in order to give you a challenge.

You can also make some programs like you want. You can target heart rate, long distance, interval, hill climb, random walking and others. As a result, you can create your own resistance level. This will help to improve a particular area. So, set your program and try to reach it every day!

Safety Concerns

Safety features are important in order to protect the kids. There are some moving parts in the elliptical machine. The children can easily trap in the moving parts.

You need to lock the room or employ the safety features. Some models do not provide you any safety feature. So, you need to be careful choosing a model if you have kids.

Additional Features to Consider

Along with the previously mentioned factors, you have also some other factors. They are not as important as I mentioned before. However, the features can give you comfortable and enjoyment when doing the workout. So, let’s have a quick look at the features:

  • Firstly, there are some elliptical machines that offer MP3 player holder with built-in speaker. This is a really impressive feature to consider. If you like listening to music when doing exercise, this is the best addition for your workout machine.
  • Secondly, there are some models that can connect with some app. built-in Bluetooth or wireless connectivity is used for this type of connection. You can use an app to setup your personal exercise program.
  • Thirdly, some of the models also connect with a laptop in order to provide data tracking information. This is impressive idea to track your progress and make a schedule according to the progress!

Which Elliptical Trainer should I buy?

I prepared for you comparison of the best elliptical trainers on market. Check my ranking of top 5 elliptical trainers here. It should help you make proper choice!


Now you can select the right type of elliptical machine for you. After selecting the type, you can consider the above-discussed features for final selection. I have researched the market, spend hours to using different types of elliptical machine.

Then, I figure out the best features of a perfect elliptical machine. You need to feel comfortable along with good features. Otherwise, your exercise time will become boring for you. So, compare the features with your selected elliptical machine. If everything goes well, you can take the elliptical machine for a workout!

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